Case Study – Creative Strategies

The Baltimore Youth Alliance – BYA – Non Profit Organizaton

The Baltimore Youth Alliance – BYA
Empowering African American Youth Through Academic and Professional Excellence

THE BIG IDEA for Parents: Stress the Importance of SAT prep with BYA. Here is what we’ve done and how we can help. “BYA Cares”

THE BIG IDEA in this case is that the organization has to prove its achievements. In order for parents to be persuaded, the organization can communicate how investing now will pay off in the future. A “proof is in the pudding” theme, highlighting the achievements of the organization, while connecting to the attitude of accepting the need of SAT prep along with good grades.

Parents facing one of their biggest fears and making this smart, rewarding decision for their child will support the attitude. The organization can also portray that it takes a team effort, a commitment from the parent and child, to be successful. The organization also has success stories and ideal spokespeople to include in the “BYA Cares” campaign.

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